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Case Study  |  Educational Institution

Tools to Confidently Manage Students and Employees with Exceptionalities

Client Problem

Employees at one of the largest archdiocese in the United States felt underprepared for managing and teaching students with exceptionalities in their classroom. Because of the size of their organization they were looking for effective and sustainable solutions.

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Learning Lab Solution

Learning Lab developed a training and practicum program that was rolled out to all teachers in the archdiocese.

A few examples of our solutions include:

  • Providing inspirational stories about how people with exceptionalities have achieved success when provided the right tools.
  • Training teachers in a simple approach for assessing the accessibility needs of students in their class, that includes 1:1 conversations happening earlier in the school year.
  • Giving teachers tools to advocate for a student and find the right resources within the school system.
  • Leading a practicum where we analyze real situations happening in the classroom and develop solutions as a collective.
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Teachers and administration felt they had been given tools to teach and manage the students with exceptionalities in their classes.

Not only were they better prepared to teach but they had a renewed confidence in their ability, leading the archdiocese to invite Learning Lab back for annual training sessions.

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