Building a world where people with exceptionalities thrive.

From advocacy and motivation, to systems and structures, we have a holistic approach to achieving equity and inclusion. Because we believe, advocating for everyone’s exceptionalities and designing an inclusive system creates joy, productivity and success.

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We approach each client as Both educator and  lawyer.

We share tangible, clear ways to achieve inclusiveness based on our knowledge and real-life experience.

We use workshops, coaching, training, and assessments to achieve a common goal: symbiotic environments aligning people with organizations and unleashing the full potential of both.

We act on the existing opportunities and create more of them.

In this way we all succeed.

Education framework

We use a Gap Analysis framework (Clark and Estes, 2008) to address these three areas:
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Does everyone has the information and skillset they need to succeed?
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Are the systems and structures optimized to encourage self-efficacy?
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Are the physical, communication and assessment systems set-up for everyone’s success?
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Education & Credentials

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  • JD University of California Los Angeles, California State Bar 2008
  • EDD in Education and Organizational Change in Leadership, USC
  • MA in Teaching, USC
  • BA English, magna cum laude, USC
About our founder

Dr. Kt

Dr. KT Schellenberg Bell is the Founder, CEO and Advocate-In-Chief of the Learning Lab.  As a consultant and public speaker she helps organizations, institutions and individuals create opportunities from exceptionalities. Whether navigating compliance issues, creating accessibility focused systems, or teaching self-advocacy, KT is driving towards a future where everyone has the knowledge, motivation and organization to succeed.

She has a rich background in education, advocacy, and the law and is fueled by her personal lived experience with an exceptionality. Her vision of a more inclusive world is supported by actionable tools that help people understand their rights and opportunities, sustain their motivation, and navigate complex organizational structures.

With over a decade of experience, KT is a highly-sought after educator and lawyer, who graduated magna cum laude from USC with an EdD in Education and Organizational Leadership and an MA in Teaching. On top of her education credentials she holds a JD from UCLA in law and passed the California State Bar in 2008. Her academic work and research have focused on the intersection of education, disability and the law.

“KT is the perfect mix of quintessential academic, straight to the point lawyer and strategist.”

KT came to this work through a first-hand experience navigating an autoimmune disease in college. While learning to live with the disease, she also had to navigate her new accessibility needs. She looked to the institution to partner with her on solutions, but it became clear they were not equipped to support her exceptionalities. She was passionate about her education and struggled tirelessly to be heard and taken seriously. Through this process she learned about changing organizations and advocating for herself.

As a lived advocate, KT inspires people to want more, and backs it up with tools for people to understand their rights, what it takes to sustain motivation and how to navigate organizational structures.

She lives in Los Angeles, CA with her husband and two dogs.

Education & Credentials

JD University of California Los Angeles, California State Bar 2008

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EDD in Education and Organizational Change in Leadership, USC

MA in Teaching, USC

BA English, magna cum laude, USC

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