Educational consultants require research, possible travel, time and financial expenditure.

Because of this, many parents prefer to appoint Google as their consultant in educational needs for their children.

While Google is a fantastic research tool, when it comes down to it, search engines are only your starting point.

But the internet is free, when and where I want it.  What could be better than that?

Hey, free is awesome, as is super-flexibility.  However, it’s also limiting.

Google knows neither your needs, nor the needs of your child.  It isn’t tuned to what makes the teachers and administrators tick.

There are also fine tuned questions that need to be asked and answered in order to meet needs, set realistic goals and pave a path to meet those goals.

What Google is good for is initial research.  Use the internet to build an initial list of the movers and shakers in your area’s educational system, consultants specializing in areas that meet your child’s needs, as well as tutors and therapists.

Use the internet to find some of the most recent developments that may help your child’s situation, but bounce them off your real, live team of experts to sort the wheat from the chaff.

So, got it?

Search engines are great, but they have their limits.  Use the internet to find your experts and build your outline, but an outline can’t turn into a life story without a team of real life experts helping, suggesting, routing and rooting for you!

BeyondTutoring fuses the ease of the internet with top notch expertise.

We’re real, qualified people who understand your needs, yet you’re free to choose our Consultation-by-Skype option, for your location and scheduling ease.  Click here to get started!

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